Shashaank Bawari

After spending many years in Education division of one of the world’s biggest IT company, Microsoft and being a witness to the transformation technology is making in education, Shashaank has become passionate about making his own impact through engaging with young entrepreneurs in India. His ability to see the big picture easily brings teams on the same page and assists young startups in fine tuning their solutions and build a roadmap. Having graduated with an MBA in 2015, Shashaank acquired know-how in building go to market strategies which he now implements in his work. With support from his wife, Shashaank has recently partnered to start a company, which aims to create a better platform for employers and job seekers in Cloud Computing industry.

Shashaank has lived in 5 countries across Europe, Middle East and Asia. He is currently settled with his family in the UAE pursuing his startup venture.