Dr. Tapaswini Sahu

Tapaswini’s focus of research has been in the area of Early Childhood Care and Education, Teacher Education & Development and Capacity Building of Leaders in the Education Sector. As an advisor to the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), Govt of India, she has been actively engaged in the formulation of National ECCE Policy (2013); coordinated and developed the National ECCE Curriculum Framework, Quality Standards for ECCE and other relevant guidelines and manuals required for the implementation of the policy at the State/Union Territory level. She has been involved in training and capacity building of different level of functionaries along with creating holding environment/ institutions for supporting them.

Currently Tapaswini is the Academic Director of “I Am A Teacher”, a not-for-profit, professional organization, founded in the year 2014 with a purpose to build a robust, practice-based model of teacher preparation in the India. She has been actively involved in conceptualizing, designing and leading the implementation of the Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (PGDLT) programme for the last few years. She has a PhD in Education Psychology.

She aspires to facilitate strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions, extend support to community-based initiatives and mobilisation of local resources for enhancing educational access and quality, setting up or strengthening mechanisms required to promote partnerships and effective coordination among all stakeholders.

Education is a continuous and creative process. It aims to develop, enrich and transform both individual lives and the entire society.  While education provides opportunities to individuals for a better quality of life for themselves, it also directs their thinking about a future in which environmental, societal, and economic considerations are balanced in the pursuit of development and quality of life.”