Project overview

We looked at multi-functional mobile solutions for community run school setup in clusters of Bhopal for an educational non-profit organisation called Samavesha. The solutions use a modular system of production and allowing them to be used in both small spaces as well as larger formats. Due to our design approach and simpler construction, we managed to reduce costs on both production and maintenance – thus making them feasible for different school setups.


Scope of Work

Research, complete creative conceptualization, design & re-design and detailing of furniture for classrooms in community run schools of old Bhopal, along with providing colour preferences for the classrooms.


Our Approach:

       Designing a multipurpose furniture unit, for display, storage as well as for workspaces while experimentation of class layouts. This would allow students to use a modular system to create ample space within a restricted format.

       The unit is built on the same foundation so can be worked as a building block, where materials that need to be kept away from students can be locked away for safety while also presenting an ergonomic use of the furniture.


As per the given brief the following material was considered:

– While moodas (local design seating unit) will be used for seating, a space of 4-8 students to be considered for one table.

– Tables to utilize space both for working as well as storing/display.

– May allow user to store workbooks and text books, toys, stationary, science kits, works done by the students and other pedagogic accessories.


Final Output:

       Design: Complete conceptualization of the product range along with developing technical details and drawings for the same.

       Execution: Development of the product by Samavesha team in consultation with Poorna Kaksha.

Project potential impact:

       Allows storage of material along with display and functionality

       Space utilization is better and allows individuals to move around the space with ease

       Production cost reduced allowing local vendors to also develop the products.

–      Child safety ensured for the design solutions.

For execution of similar design solutions for schools, we would be happy to connect further for project queries.