Mobile Classroom project

Project overview  

We looked at a temporary solution for classroom infrastructure for minimum teaching requirements that allowed it be “mobile classroom”. The solutions can be used for poor schools with no funding, inaccessible regions with schools, disaster hit areas/ communities where schools have been destroyed/ damaged. The lapboard is not ergonomic friendly for the child who needs a minimum desk & seat but this can be considered for extreme scenarios mentioned above as a temporary solution


Our Approach:

  • Designing a product for students that is easy to store, non-bulky, maintenance friendly. We also included water proof solutions and teaching material printed.
  • We arrived at a lapboard as our design solution for children after iteration of several furniture/ product design solutions.
  • Considered the production, transportation of the products, storage and usage in any space for teaching.
  • Keeping the teacher’s furniture unit as simple, easy to move, straightforward design, easy to maintain, less prone to damage and low production cost.


Final output:

  • Design: Research & Conceptualization of designs for mobile classroom.
  • Execution: Prototype development, production of the designs and mobile classroom execution at a low-income school in Bangalore.
  • Successful pilot implementation.


Project Impact:

  • Student’s handwriting: improvement amongst 52% of students in a class.
  • 30% reduction in skipping teaching periods per week average: due to lack of classroom infrastructure.
  • Avoid combining two grades of student classes to conduct classroom sessions per month.
  • Additional storage for Teacher’s material. Effective reference material printed on lapboard for students.
  • Ease of storage and convenience for school administrators to use mobile class units for longer duration.
  • Mobile classroom unit is a scalable solution, ease in implementation across regions, branding options as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Government/ MP/ MLA initiatives.

Mobile classrooms can be beneficial and relevant to low income schools that have no infrastructure, temporary school/ shelters, disaster hit-areas where schools are destroyed and other relevant learning spaces. We would be happy to connect further for project execution.