Classroom Infrastructure: Class Denominator

Project overview


We started Poorna Kaksha experience based on our research with designing the lowest denominator of school infrastructure, the desk & seat. The desk and seat was the most important furniture unit in schools that we found in our research as the “need”, a scalable furniture solution and basic ergonomic comfort and dignity given to children helping them focusing on learning in class. We also designed additional units for the classroom for storage, display and seating.


Our Approach


  • Based on our research, school visits and interactions with stakeholders for the project, we designed two types of desk and seat solutions: low to mid income schools and more affluent schools.
  • We considered ergonomic design and comfort, adjusting seat height features, cost friendly, scalable production, durability, easy to assemble and transport for implementation.
  • We looked at flexible design solutions with ease in storage, created multiple small features added to the furniture unit such as a ruler for measurement, India map, units of scale, hanging units.
  • We also considered class layouts, planning and the design of furniture unit that can integrate potential technology such as charging points, light fixture and other possible classroom centric technology products.
  • We considered design & seat units primarily for more budget schools where the classroom layouts are conventional in approach of rows and linear with seating in pairs.
  • We also designed a unique library and storage unit based on wheels and tracks where space is limited.

Final Output:

  • Complete research, design concepts and final designs of the classroom. We covered desk and seat, classroom units and a unique library plus storage on wheels.  
  • We completed the desk & seat prototypes and tested in two schools in Delhi and Pune.
  • We created a scalable unit pricing and costing options for production and execution at scale for different funding models of infrastructure.

Project potential impact:

  • Provide the basic ergonomic and psychological comfort to child to sit on desk & seat to help them focus in class.
  • Help teachers organise better in the class and focus on the child.
  • Impact on child’s physical posture and improve his concentration in class by atleast 40% over a period of 6 months.
  • Impact on school stakeholders to slowly invest in quality school infrastructure that has a bearing on the school performance results, student’s learning outcomes and improved teacher engagement.


For execution of classroom design and other infrastructure solutions for school, we would be happy to connect further for project queries.