Children with special needs: Product design

Project Overview


We are looking at providing a range of teaching and learning aides/ products and other design solutions for students with special needs which is largely ignored in India. It is important to understand a special need student’s requirements to be able to guide them better while honing their skills further. A range of products are being considered for students, children as well as adults who may suffer from mild or moderate cases of anxiety and other conditions in addition to our target children. Currently in India, there is no organisation that is specifically focusing on this “need” for children with special needs. With our goal of more accessible design for children, we think our design solutions not just cater to the needs but serves towards the idea of inclusive education for every child.


We will continue to develop specific product solutions and pursue larger design solutions for physical learning environment that is inclusive of our target children with special needs. To begin with, in one of our current product development we are working on a design for anxiety attack of any child or adult called “The Hugger”.  During an anxiety attack, such individuals may also need a simple deep pressure ‘hug’ like action, which releases naturally calming chemicals in the brain, along with endorphins which stimulate happiness. This action provides a soothing affect which can maintain their focus during a sensorial overload in a classroom, a workplace or just anywhere at all. We are currently prototyping and testing this product in October 2017.

For this project, our main target children and adults are with conditions such as:

  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s Dementia

Our Approach:

– Designing pedagogic tools to help individuals with special needs develop skills to be more independent and learn life skills.

– The products should aid in making special needs children more independent and find ways to reduce their own stress in different situations.

– The products will be built to enhance motor skills, improve possible differentiated learning formats and reduce anxiety & restlessness.

– To help these individuals improve focus and concentration.


– Focus is also towards individuals with special needs, who may need a sensorial diet in an inclusive set up and may miss out on regular activities.

– Also focusing on people with chronic stress, meltdowns, irregular sleep patterns and poor attention span, depression and anyone needing some happy hormones.

– Looking at a pilot project of our new products in 3 cities for testing and data collection (Delhi NCR, Dehradun and Bangalore) to evaluate and refine the idea further.

Final Output:

– Design: Complete analysis and evaluation through collection of primary data and through interaction with students and educators; conceptualization of ideas while finding both affordable and sustainable solutions; sampling

– Execution: Currently two products are at prototype stage. Finding local vendors for production to promote “make in India” in its true essence. Finding interested parties for collaboration with Poorna Kaksha and reaching all parts of India and around to promote awareness and help individuals with such needs.

Project Impact:

– Promote awareness and sensitivity towards different learners to encourage inclusion in schools and education sector.

– Making innovative learning products more accessible, especially to special needs children to aid learning, more engagement and overall development of the individual.

– Allowing individuals to be independent in different situations and reducing their stress.

– Building life skills through our learning/ educational products to promote a better tomorrow for all.

– Focusing on all individual with chronic stress, meltdowns, irregular sleep patterns and poor attention span, depression and anyone needing some happy hormones.

– Developing a local market for the production of these products thus making them more viable and affordable for target customers.


We are looking for more partners and more collaborators , we would be happy to connect further for project queries.