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Design, innovation, quality execution & scale impact

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Furniture & Infrastructure
Furniture & Infrastructure

Design & production of product, system and furniture design across formats. Design approach has been adaptability, durable, learning tools, integrating technology need and scale of production. Custom furniture/ product designs for differently abled children.

Space design & Architecture
Space design & Architecture

Space planning, layout & experiential design which includes architecture and construction of learning environment. The approach is to integrate learning experiences in spaces from planning, design to execution to encourage student - student learning and teacher- student learning.

Branding, Standardization & Scale
Branding, Standardization & Scale

Branding learning experiences and standardization of infrastructure to scale. Creating a seamless design experience by branding spaces and standardization of infrastructure design helps the school leaders in marketing, students and teachers to psychologically and physically connect with safe, thriving learning spaces.

Design for Accessibility
Design for Accessibility

Product design, furniture, space and experiential design for children with disabilities, autism and differently abled. A learning environment should provide equal access and innovative learning tools for children with special needs that lead to quality learning/ education.

Target learning environment

  • Schools & formal learning spaces
    From primary to high schools in urban and rural areas in India. Across low to mid income schools, government schools to private aided and private schools in India cutting across regions.

  • Colleges & Institutions
    From colleges, universities to any educational universities that encourages quality learning experience.
  • Informal learning spaces
    Temporary shelters/ schools, evening teaching centres, vocational centres and any other informal spaces for learning.

Infrastructure format

Our formats of design led intervention has been broadly been in the following three categories of infrastructure that looks at a holistic approach to learning experiences and each space provides design inspiration and innovative ideas to create optimal learning spaces.

  • School furniture, education products, classroom design
  • School layout & design, school architecture, sports facilities, library design, ICT, infrastructure & system design (storage, display, modular furniture), learning & interactive experiences.
  • Creative learning tools, accessibility design, interactive products, technology aides/ products, knowledge centres, eco-spaces and interactive experiences

Do you have any specific requirement which we have not covered? Then please feel free to connect with us.

Target Audience

  • Low to mid-income schools across regions in India
    Urban and rural area schools
    Government schools, private – aided schools, (budget) private schools
  • Affluent private schools
  • Informal learning spaces, temporary schools/ learning shelters
  • Vocation training schools, colleges and other academic institutions
  • Non-profits, Foundations, Philanthropists, HNIs
    Investing in schools, learning spaces and education sector
  • Government
    Central and state governments, HRD ministry, education departments, Municipal departments in education.
  • Member of Parliament (MP) & Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of a state
    Each member has won the seat from a district/ region with an allotted budget which can be invested in improving the school infrastructure.
  • Corporates & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    With focus on education and dedicated annual budgets, CSR teams can invest in such initiatives and get high visibility, impact of the projects as sponsors.